My Football Accident

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Many years ago, on Super Bowl Sunday, I was sitting with S.A.S.S. and Vikrant (yes, they gave me permission to use their names/initials). We were trying to convince 7 year old S.A.S.S. that we couldn’t start a game of Monopoly because we wouldn’t have enough time to finish. He wasn’t having it but after a few minutes he caved in and realized that he’d just have to have a conversation with us. Eventually, S.A.S.S. asked a very topical question, “Are you guys excited for the Super Bowl tonight?” I was just about to open my mouth to say something when the older, and therefore wiser, Vikrant responded with “We don’t talk about the Super Bowl around Sonia.” I wasn’t sure about why we didn’t speak about the Super Bowl around me, but S.A.S.S. was just as confused and asked why not? So Vikrant and his infinite wisdom went on to say “Don’t you know? Sonia can’t walk because of a football injury. Every year on Super Bowl Sunday she hides from the world so she doesn’t hear about it and relive those memories”. S.A.S.S. was wide-eyed with disbelief and wanted to know more; when did I get injured, how old was I, how did I get injured? But as I covered my face and turned around to keep myself from bursting out laughing, Vikrant told him, “She doesn’t want to talk about it”.
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